Montmartre Duplex

An apartment I didn’t get to visit but wish I had was located on Boulevard Barbes in the 18th.  This is an area that I do not know at all, and I know it can be kinda sketchy so maybe I shouldn’t regret it so much.  But the view!!!

Oh, and 6th and 7th floors, with elevator, with concierge, with cave, interphone, and TWO bedrooms.  Completely renovated.  Perfect, right?

The bedroom with ensuite shower and sink:

The upper level, which could be divided into two rooms

It’s my own fault I didn’t visit it though.  It was listed on December 7, and we totally had time to visit it.  But we hesitated because of the location and it just seemed so far so we never went before the New Year.  After mulling it over, and reading more about Montmatre, I called as soon as I got back in town to see if it was still available.  By the time I heard back a few days later it was already sold.


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One Response to “Montmartre Duplex”

  1. Struggler Says:

    Sorry to hear you missed it – it does look lovely. At least you’re gathering information will know next time when you need to leap on the Metro immediately to go see something!

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