Quai Jemmapes

The very first apartment we visited was one on Quai Jemmapes.  As in, ON Quai Jemmapes, not a couple of blocks away, but your view when you step out of the building is this

I die.  We love this neighborhood because the area near the canal is very charming.  There are tons of restaurants, shops, and cafes.  The metro stop Republique has 5 different metro lines running through it so it is also super convenient.

The interior of the apartment is lovely and was completely renovated by some Icelandic architect.  Look at all the built in storage space!  Truly turnkey.

However, there were a couple of dealbrakers.  The apartment was a first floor walk up in a badly maintained building.  Staircase was effed up, no concierge.  Because it was on the first floor and faced the interior courtyard, it also didn’t get a lot of light.

So while we LOVE the neighborhood, and LOVE the interior of the apartment, we weren’t so crazy about the building.  We passed.  But the apartment sold quickly – by the time we got to visit it, two days after it was listed, the owner had already received three offers, one at full asking price!


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One Response to “Quai Jemmapes”

  1. Struggler Says:

    Goodness, this one looks more like Amsterdam than Paris! I can see why it would have sold quickly…

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