Boulevard de la Madeleine

The most recent visit was a one-bedroom apartment at Madeleine, in the 9th district.  To be honest this is not a neighborhood that I thought was within the realm of possibility because it is so posh.  You are just blocks away from Place de la Concorde, all the shops on Rue St-Honore, the gardens Tuileries and the Louvre, and in the other direction is Opera and the famous grands magasins – Galeries Lafayettes and Printemps.  Very central and with the nearest metro stations being Madeleine and Opera, you have 6 metro lines at your disposal and numerous bus lines.  In short, the location is perfect.

And when I walked into the amazing, 1920 landmark art deco building, I knew something must be up with the apartment.  Because the building was EFFING AMAZING.

I’ll post the photo details in separate future posts – but 24 hr doorman (I have never heard of a doorman in Paris), stunning HUGE formal lobby with glass dome, original art deco details like etched glass windows and iron railings.

But the apartment – well, it is technically liveable, but it would need a lot of work to be truly functional and maximize the space.  It had been on the market for two months which says a lot since most apartments seem to sell within days if not hours.  The floors were tile which is horrible.  The windows were single glazed and would need to be replaced.  The bathroom was huge but oddly done with a shower in one corner, a toilet in another, and a sink in the middle, and tons of empty space that would be a waste.  And the “kitchen”, oh the kitchen!  The kitchen was actually not bad-sized but oddly behind french doors.  And when you walked into the apartment, on the right was a closet for washer/dryer (also odd since most smaller French apartments put the washer in the kitchen or the bathroom).  The kitchen could be great if you got rid of the closet, rid of the doors, installed new cabinets and a proper stove and hood etc.

And with all that work, it would be way out of our budget.  Plus the apartment was only on the first floor, so no regrets.


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