Another day, another apartment visit, another disappointment.

This is another one that looked great on paper – 2 bedrooms, 50 m2, 6th floor with elevator, balcony, guardian, cave, building from 1890s, original marble (non-working) chimneys in all 3 rooms, “tres bon etat”  (very good condition).

But as soon as we got off the metro stop and started walking to the building, we looked at each other and shook our head.

Because this was what the rest of the neighborhood looked like

“Ah, beautiful Bulgaria,” my companion quipped.

Ok, ugly walk to the building.  But that’s not everything, right?

Until we learn that “tres bon etat” means that the electricity is not up to code and the entire apartment would have to be rewired.  Oh, and the kitchen?  A sink.  And water heater.

Didn’t love the neighborhood + amount of work needed (the asking price was already at the tippy top of our budget) = pass.

After four apartments, the fun of househunting has already worn off and I am beginning to get a bit hopeless about our situation.  Fingers crossed that the coming week brings some good listings.  Or that this is just normal in Paris and we aren’t doing so bad comparatively.


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