Edgar Quinet, Daumesnil, and Hotel de Ville

The pace of visits has picked up so much I’m almost losing track of it all.

-went to see the “Boulevard Edgar Quinet” apt.  Not overlooking the market, at the very end of the blvd (near Raspail), scary 1970s building.  Pass.

-didn’t end up going to see the 2-bedroom near Daumesnil because after speaking with the realtor he decided not to waste our time – it had already been on the market 2 months and had several price reductions (even though it is 4th floor with elevator, guardien, etc), because it has a splendid view of . . . the building 3 meters away.  This guy was nice though and said he’d call me if he found anything.

-did end up stumbling into a WONDERFUL mom and pop agency on my way back from the Daumesnil agency and they just happened to receive a new listing that week, hadn’t even made it up in the window yet, of a one-bedroom with two balconies with no vis-a-vis on the top (US 8th) floor.  The catch?  It’s a 1930 brick building.  Went to visit it, and the apartment is  decent.  The pink bathroom with bidet is stuck in the 60’s and would have to be redone, but the kitchen is fine and the only other work that would be need is wallpaper/painting and possibly replacing the windows.  We might go back to visit it during the day.  The only reason I hesitate is because 1)I don’t really know the neighborhood and though it is convenient for the work commute it seems a bit far from the rest of Paris 2) I don’t know if we should hold out for a 2-bedroom.

-went to see a “loft” around the corner from where I live – it wouldn’t need any work, is rather large (45 m2), BUT rez de chaussee, very dark.  Doubt we’ll return to look at it together.

-went to see another “loft” near Hotel de Ville.  This is the first apartment where we both thought, wow we could actually live here, it could be great, we love the neighborhood.  4th US floor with elevator, 45 m2.  But, it looks on the interior court, and we would have to redo the kitchen, knock down a wall between the kitchen and the living room, and replace the wierd rope carpet (underneath is concrete and right now we are arguing about it – I am in favor of leaving concrete in the living room at least but my darling thinks concrete is “dusty” and wants to put tile down).  Trying to figure out if we could afford it with the work. Thought about it, discussed with our families, and decided that we will never waste our time visiting courtyard view-only apartments again.  There’s a reason this particular one had been on the market for a few months and already been reduced by 65k.

-and then crossing my fingers for 2 apartments my concierge mentioned.  Actually, dreaming about one of them – in the amazing Haussmann building next door, US 5th floor with elevator, cave, and most importantly a GREAT (if noisy) view, but I don’t know the size and I don’t know the asking price or even range.  Scratch that.  Just got more details from the concierge – it’s a 2-bedroom, she already tried to arrange something between the owner and one of her friends and the owner wouldn’t settle for less than 500k.  Ah, well.

Starting to get apartment fatigue.  Also wish we had started seriously talking to agencies months earlier because they always seem suprised when I tell them we would ideally like to have signed a compromis de vente by the end of February.  According to most realtors I’ve met with (I think that now makes a grand total of 10?), expecting to find an apartment within two months makes us tres presses.


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