Why view matters

Let me take you through a little refresher of why view matters and why I will no longer visit apartments that only face the inside courtyard or are only on lower floors.

This was the Hotel de Ville “loft” with a view of the rest of the building a few feet away.  Our families counseled that we would hate this view as soon as we moved in until the day we moved out.  Not to mention the complete lack of privacy.  And the same discount we paid for such a view (the apartment has already been on the market a few months and reduced by 65k) would be the same discount we would get when we eventually tried to sell it.

This was the “view” from the first floor Marais apartment I went to visit.  While the interior was immaculate, like nothing I have seen to this day, that couldn’t make up for the rest of it – first floor over a restaurant with this to look at every day.

Finally, the first floor Madeleine apartment was overlooking Rue de Seze, an anomaly in the posh neighborhood because it is known for its “adult” boutiques and marcheurs.  The view was definitely PG-13 or R-rated, Starbucks excluded!  The third floor studio in the same building overlooked Boulevard de la Madeleine, and had a much better view, but I don’t think I took any photos.

This was taken at street level, but you get the idea.

So when I finally saw this at the Gobelins apartment,

The tippity top of Notre Dame spires are on the left, and that cluster of white buildings near by is the Sacre Coeur. And this is on a cloudy foggy day - can you imagine how beautiful it must be on a clear sunny day?!

I breathlessly called my darling to come visit immediately because I knew it would go quickly.  And it did.  Too quickly for us to pounce on it.


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