Now here’s a record – not even 24 hours?

Got the email for this one late last night, by the time I looked again this morning the listing was already pulled.

Dans un quartier animé bordé par le boulevard Voltaire, la rue de la
Roquette, la rue de Charonne et proche de toutes commodités, beau 2
pièces dans un immeuble en pierre de taille, donnant sur rue calme et
cour. Au 6ème et dernier étage avec ascenseur d’un bel immeuble
bourgeois, dans une copropriété bien entretenue, beau 2 pièces de 41m²
avec séjour, chambre, cuisine indépendante, salle de bain, WC.
Appartement traversant, parquet, moulures, vue dégagée. Appartement
en bon état général dans un quartier agréable ! Beaucoup de potentiel
!! A visiter sans tarder !!

Highlights:  Paris 11th (not sure where exactly since the listing names a lot of roads but the short description in the email said Bastille), 440 sq ft one-bedroom on 7th US floor of old stone building with elevator and balcony, view over road and interior courtyard.  From what I remember of the photos, the floors were in good condition, and there was ornate molding, but the bathroom and kitchen would have needed to be redone.  It was on the website so briefly there’s not even a google cache for it!

Also, just realized I might have made a really really stupid mistake by not giving my email address to the first dozen or so agencies I visited.  I didn’t think anything of it because I am already signed up for email alerts from the bigger agencies and websites (Century 21, Laforet, FNAIM, Seloger, PAP)*, most of the smaller agencies don’t have their own website, and I thought the smaller ones would just contact me by phone if they had anything.  But I was just on the phone with a very nice lady from a small independent agency who convinced me to give her my email address because they prefer sending out email alerts to calling people, and often such listings don’t even make it up on seloger.

*but not Foncia because they actually have the nerve to CHARGE for email alerts.  Like, really?  Only in France, I suppose.


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2 Responses to “Now here’s a record – not even 24 hours?”

  1. Struggler Says:

    Crazy days!
    Poor old Google obviously needs to get a wiggle on if it’s to stand a chance of caching any of these!

  2. Janell Beals Says:

    When I first saw a comment from you on my blog I thought your “name” was cool, but didn’t take it literally!

    I’ve just added you to my blog roll, you are combining one of my favorite cities with house hunting…so just have to see what you do next!


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