Rue de la lappe haiku

No elevator

Crappy building, noisy street

No concierge, Next!

But I am now kicking myself for not taking photos.  A previous owner was from Savoy (a mountain region near the Alps) and walking into this apartment was like stepping into a chalet high in the mountains.  Everything was artisinal wood – from the corner kitchen in the living area to the bathroom sink and cabinets!  Yes, the bathroom sink!  It was incredible.  But since I had absolutely no intention of making an offer on the apartment, and it was by-owner (and the owner was rude), I didn’t feel comfortable asking to take a photo.


My pick of the day:

LOOK at that balcony.  Is that not the stuff dreams are made of?  Sadly it’s too expensive for us and this is not the type of apartment you can really negotiate, this is the type that is most likely SOLD by the time you are reading this (for full asking price of course).

Catch it while it’s still available here.


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3 Responses to “Rue de la lappe haiku”

  1. Local Art Sanctuary Hosts Haiku Writing Contest For Teens | The African Art Store Says:

    […] Rue de la lappe haiku « House Hunting in Paris […]

  2. Struggler Says:

    Very lovely – straight out of a movie, really. | can see why it might be a bit beyond your budget.

  3. househuntinginparis Says:

    I called the agency out of curiosity, and yep, the first person who visited it yesterday made an offer at full asking price. Lucky them!

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