He that can have patience can have what he will.

Good news.  No, we haven’t found an apartment.  Yet.  YET!

But we did find out that we have more time to benefit from the prêt à taux zéro – until the end of May,* to be exact.  We initially thought we only had until mid-March to benefit from this sweet 0% loan for first time buyers, so this is really GREAT news since it means that I can continue to be as picky as I have been.  I am even playing with making balcon impératif a new requirement.

This also means that my darling can stop complaining that my expectations are unrealistic, which isn’t helped by anecdotes from his friends.

“But it only took Céline one week to find her apartment!  And it was the only one she visited!”

Details that make the difference:  Céline bought the first and only apartment she visited, a 6th floor walk-up in the 17th.

“Timothée just made an offer on a one-bedroom apartment in the Marais!  Why didn’t you hear about that one?”

Details that make the difference: although it has an elevator, it looks on the interior courtyard and would be out of our budget with the work it needs.

I’m sure they both love their new homes, but those little details are the reasons we’ve yet to find ours.

Anyways, commence happy dance.  I have no doubt that we will find our pearl before the end of May.


Hilarious sidebar: yesterday a new agent had a “great” listing for me – “OK, I just got something in that might be perfect, it looks on the interior courtyard, but it has vue dégagée.”

Je vous écoute.”

“Old building, 3rd floor with elevator, duplex, [names road].”

“Oh, we already visited that apartment a few weeks ago.  It doesn’t have any view!”

“From the skylight it does!”

LOLOLOLOLOL.  Riiiiight, I forgot about the skylight in the bathroom.  Smacks head.

You see, the Hotel de Ville duplex we rejected weeks ago is still on the market.  I didn’t hold back when I outlined the apartment’s shortcomings and why he would have to reduce the price even further if he wanted to sell it – the lack of view and light, the interior staircases, the passageway to the apartment – but I couldn’t help myself.  Somehow I doubt I’ll ever hear from him again.

*fine print: until May 31 to have the loan finalized.  The bank said it will take 10 days to finalize the paperwork, which seems awfully fast for France, making the deadline for the promesse de vente somewhere around May 15 just to be safe.  Which is still gives us at least an extra two months, during months where there is typically more activity than January or February.  Besides money, time is the ultimate luxury in this search – next time we look for an apartment in Paris I will start years before we need to move!  And start by giving our contact info to the concierges of those addresses that I ADORE – 8 blvd de la madeleine, 21 blvd st germain, the former convent in the 5th…just to wait until something becomes available.


6 Responses to “He that can have patience can have what he will.”

  1. Struggler Says:

    Oh, good news! That should take the pressure off a bit – and it means we can hopefully enjoy your adventures for longer!

  2. Maria Killam Says:

    I love Paris! It will be fun to see the place you do find in the end!

  3. Alex Says:


    I am a research student based in London who is doing a comparitive study on PTZ and shared ownership in London. I am coming to Paris in April and would like to interview people who are involved in using the loan to buy a property.It would be great if you could meet up and clarify the process, positives and negatives.

    Please let me know your decision?

    Many Thanks

    Alex Rivers

  4. cpr Says:


    I always watch House Hunters International, and the real estate “agents” on these episodes always seem so wonderful. Perhaps you could watch the Paris episodes to locate an agent you like. Some of the show listings give information on the agent before you watch it.

    http://www.hgtv.com/search/episode.do?hgSearchString=paris&hgStartDate=mm%2Fdd%2Fyy&hgEndDate=mm%2Fdd%2Fyy&hgShowId=576 ;

    Also on fancast http://www.fancast.com/tv/House-Hunters-International/97808/full-episodes you can watch full episodes.

    It might also help you to get a feel for the neighborhoods and features you might like.

    Good luck!

  5. househuntinginparis Says:

    Thanks for the links! Unfortunately fancast hulu etc don’t work for non-US ISPs 😦
    I wish it did – HGTV is my favorite channel when I am back home, I LOVE Property Virgins, Property Ladder, and of course HouseHunters International!
    But don’t worry, there’s a French version too 🙂

  6. Pernety, Pere Lachaise, Falguiere, Vavin, Denfert-Rochereau « House Hunting in Paris Says:

    […] is fickle – things seem to change from one month or week to the next.  We went out with Céline again recently and of course ended up talking about my favorite topic, the Paris market.  […]

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