Square Gaston Baty

Oh, this address had it all!  When the realtor called me in the middle of lunch to tell me she had a listing overlooking Square Gaston Baty, within spitting distance of Boulevard Edgar Quinet (and some of the “dream” streets I mentioned in this post), my only response was “when can I visit.”  Because look. at. this. square.

I die.

Wait, you want to see the real thing?  Oh, I guess I can handle that. =)

So I’ve established that the location was PERFECT – in Montparnasse, our current neighborhood which I love so dearly, and the apartment really did look directly onto this cute square.  Of course, if the location was the only plus…you know what that means.

2nd floor, no elevator, no concierge, no cellar.  These were all things we were willing to sacrifice for this address if the apartment was great.  I was crossing my fingers that it was 2nd floor of a Haussmann building which would mean balcony, but it was just a dinky 1900s building in limestone stucco.  The inside and outside of the building have to be redone but the works are not yet voted on nor paid for by the homeowner’s association.  And the real dealbreaker?  The realtor warned me when we entered the building “Well, the layout is not great.”  Translation: if you’re really tired when you come home, you can jump straight into bed as soon as you open the front door!  You have to walk through the bedroom to get to the living room with kitchenette.  I’m sure you could flip the layout, it would just take money and time.  But money + time + no elevator + no concierge + no cellar + all the work the building needs = Next!

Depressing realization: To this day, I have not seen anything that holds a candle to the Gobelins apartment.  Even the Ecole Militaire one, while in a more posh neighborhood, was not as nice a building and did not have two balconies!

On a positive note, realtors have my contact info and are actually calling me when they get a listing.  I think I’ve done the groundwork in terms of meeting realtors in the neighborhoods we like and now it is just about popping in and reminding them that we exist and are still looking.  And I still have to go spam the concieges on the aforementioned dream streets with my contact info in case they ever hear of anything.  I’m on top of my email alerts and following up, hopefully now it is just a matter of crossing my fingers and waiting for that magical phone call?


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2 Responses to “Square Gaston Baty”

  1. Struggler Says:

    What a crazy layout! I thought I’d seen some silly floor-plans in London, but that really takes the biscuit. Hang in there!

  2. Pernety, Pere Lachaise, Falguiere, Vavin, Denfert-Rochereau « House Hunting in Paris Says:

    […] vendeur est roi – the seller is king!  one agent exclaimed to me.  How true.  That crappy Square Baston Gaty apartment I didn’t like sold at asking price without clause suspensive in a matter of days – the […]

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