Ghosts of visits past

Way back in January I rejected a dark “loft” around the corner from our current place.*  I just noticed it in an agency listing, with a higher price tag to go along with the new photos.

Not just a minor bump, but a whopping thirty grand increase!

It’s true the glass roof over the kitchen looks neat.  But IIRC, there are no windows in the living room.  or bathroom.  and maybe even the bedroom.  And ground floor on a courtyard that is open to the public with trashcans and businesses and other fun stuff.  No regrets about this one despite the location.  You can check it out here – I bet it will be up for quite a while, especially at that price.

*I quickly learned that “loft” is code for “this apartment is highly undesirable for a variety of reasons but if we call it a loft it sounds cool and trendy” – ie ground floor, no light, backward or strange layout, and/or “bedroom” in mezzanine or accessible only by ladder.


One Response to “Ghosts of visits past”

  1. Struggler Says:

    Ouch – the first kitchen pic looks very cool, but the rest makes a Hobbit Hole sound more appealing!

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