Recent conversations with realtors

While I’ve stopped actively going out and meeting realtors, I never walk past an agency without popping in to say hello and give them my card.  Today on my way to the shoe cobbler* I stopped by a few agencies on Boulevard Raspail and had some interesting conversations with the realtors.  I was complaining about not having found an apartment in three months and one realtor tried to console me by noting that it usually takes his clients around six months to find an apartment in Paris.  Six months.  Ugh.  That doesn’t really help but at least it’s not just me.  Another one was not surprised by the Commerce apartment price – But it sold at that price, didn’t it? he asked with a smile.  Point noted.  He also said that prices are overall lower than last year and that he really sees the difference – but in the same breath told me that since there are so few apartments on the market and so many potential buyers, sellers are at total liberty to dictate, and wait for, the “right” price.  Finally, one realtor summed up the market conditions, and my experience, perfectly: C’est la folie.

And in the latest bombshell: Elevator is no longer on the wishlist.


Here’s the reality: we have about 6 weeks left to find an apartment.  And while we might be able to find an apartment with an elevator, we are no longer screening or refusing to visit apartments without elevators.  We had a long dicussion about this since it was never a personal requirement but an “investment” choice – we want something that will sell in a few days no matter what the market conditions whenever we have to resell.  But since first-time buyers looking at small apartments are usually young without kids, elevator might not be so important.  Or so we hope.  We’ll see…6th floor walkups are definitely out but 2nd floor walkup (with balcony) would be perfect.

*18 rue Bréa, 75006 (M: Vavin).  Ferragamo at the Bon Marché recommended him and he did not disappoint!  Cheap and cheerful – only 3 EUR to put taps on my ballerinas while I waited.  I pay $3 back at home so I think this is a fair price.


2 Responses to “Recent conversations with realtors”

  1. $219000 :: 1812 N 9th St, Boise ID, 83702 | Real Estate News and … | Idaho Real Estate Says:

    […] Recent conversations with realtors « House Hunting in Paris […]

  2. Struggler Says:

    Interesting thoughts regarding the elevator… my requirements list for my first London flat didn’t bear much relation to what I eventually bought, so I’m not surprised you are re-thinking this a bit.

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