Mouton Duvernet

When I called about this one, they already had two offers below asking price.  I wasn’t sure if it was worth visiting because it was a 5th floor walkup in a neighborhood that we weren’t really crazy about, but the realtor was sweet and convinced me to come on down.

Had they not already received two additional offers at full asking price, one without a clause suspensive!* by the time we visited, we might have made an offer.  It was that nice.  Not amazing like the one at Commerce, nor chic like the one at Ecole Militaire, but just a nice apartment that would make a cosy home.

Cute calm road, lovely stone building from 1890.  The building exterior was just redone and they are in the middle of redoing the interior and the staircase.  There is a cave but no concierge.

It was the first apartment I’ve visited that has been staged.  The walls are now beige-gray and there are even more accessories and flowers scattered around the apartment.  When you enter the apartment on your right is a coat closet and then bathroom, and on the left is the bedroom, which has original decorative moulding that is not visible in this photo.

After the bedroom is the living room, with the original (non-functioning) chimney.

Both the bedroom and the living room look over the road, with full southern exposure and a long connected balcony.  Just gorgeous, light and airy.

On the right after the bathroom is the kitchen, which faces north over a beautiful private garden.

As with everything else in the apartment, the kitchen is in perfect condition.  This is a truly turnkey apartment, and even though we aren’t crazy about the neighborhood (perfectly safe with lots of shops and groceries and restaurants but as I’ve written before we are location snobs), nor the fact that is a 5th floor walk-up, the balcony and light more than make up for it.

Unfortunately, for all purposes the apartment was already sold by the time we visited it.  The real estate agent was darling, a former architect, and she is definitely going on the best of list.  And the most interesting thing we gleaned from this visit is confirmation that the market is insane right now.  The agent estimated this apartment at 21k lower than the listed price, but because there is nothing on the market right now and the owners insisted she decided to go ahead and list it for the higher price to see if she got any nibbles.  Less than 24 hrs later she had not one but TWO offers at a price she never thought she would get. If this is a preview of what’s to come in April, well, I might just need to rename this blog DREAMING of househunting, or how NOT to find an apartment in Paris.

With only the slightest regret, next.

*A clause suspensive is a clause that allows the potentional buyer to be refunded the 10% deposit if bank financing falls through.  When there are multiple offers on the table the highest doesn’t necessarily prevail.  The realtors will consider the overall package, looking at the buyer’s income, savings, down payment, type of financing and “feeling” in determining which offer to recommend to the seller, even though it is up to the seller to make the final decision.  Making an offer without a clause suspensive is a great negotiating tool and pretty much trumps all other offers.  However, it is risky, and we are not in a position to make an offer without such a clause.


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2 Responses to “Mouton Duvernet”

  1. Struggler Says:

    This one certainly does look very appealing. But an offer without that clause in does indeed sound way too risky – you’d be putting yourselves under horrible stress to resort to that…
    Good luck with this week’s crop!

  2. Pernety, Pere Lachaise, Falguiere, Vavin, Denfert-Rochereau « House Hunting in Paris Says:

    […] *Here in France the legit agents can’t sell beyond the price stated in the mandat which is why it comes down to financing methods, not number value.  If I were selling an apartment right now I would totally list it myself on PAP just to open up the possibility of a bidding war which would not be allowed with an agency.  I discussed clause suspensive in the footnote to this prior post. […]

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