Worst photos ever?

What the heck.

Is the plant included with the apartment?

Out of 9 photos the realtor posted, there is not one of the kitchen or bathroom, but a close up of this fabulous succulent, and an “artsy” shot of a mirror.



That being said, absent major problems with the bathroom or kitchen, the price seems right for that location.  If we could afford it I would be on the phone with the realtor right now.  Check out the listing here.


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3 Responses to “Worst photos ever?”

  1. Artist Says:

    I wish you good luck on your search. Paris is just an amazing city.

  2. MaryPius Says:

    Very nice but I presume there is no lift as I dont see it mentioned in the ad, makes it seem more expensive if there is no lift

  3. househuntinginparis Says:

    Thanks artist! Good point Mary, but with an elevator it would probably be more expensive, in the 5th prices range from 8k-10k/m2, this is squarely in the middle at 9k. I also wonder about the exterior of the building – it says 1930s so it could be something ugly in brick or concrete – and whether the apartment looks over the road or courtyard. All questions I would’ve asked had I seriously been interested.

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