Mais c’est deja vendu madame

My least favorite phrase.  That I’m hearing all too frequently.

I’ve realized that the seloger alerts are sometimes sent out after the apartment has already been on the market for a day or two, by which time it’s already too late.  The only way to avoid this situation is to be on the realtor’s shortlist to be called as soon as a new apartment is listed, and the only way to do that is to go in person and meet the realtor.  At the very beginning pounding the pavement was my main strategy – I think I’ve now met in person around 100 realtors.  And every time I call about a listing online with a realtor I haven’t met, I make sure to leave my contact info and my criteria in case they ever have anything else.  But I keep on getting scooped, like with this one today:

A bit smaller than what we’re looking for (with a nice small price to go with the smaller size!), it might be noisy overlooking that metro track, but we love the neighborhood and would have been interested.

I don’t know what else I can do.  I’ve popped in to *about* every agency in Montparnasse, the Marais, the Latin Quarter, Ecole Militaire, Bastille, and République, which are the main neighborhoods we are looking in, as well as countless others, and I receive daily phone calls from the realtors I’ve already met.  But clearly I haven’t met everyone if this keeps happening – back to pounding the pavement it is.


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