Jacques Bonsergent

Getting sick, and my computer getting sick, and going out of town are three factors that put the brakes on the apartment search the past two weeks.  It’s ok though (so I tell myself) because it also coincides with yet another official vacation period.  And as one realtor put it, in fact, in the very same words that were used to describe my computer: C’est mort.

That being said, we did put in an offer last week on an apartment a stone’s throw away from the Canal Saint-Martin.  I did not actually visit it, but our discussion boiled down to:

-we love the neighborhood, don’t mind a 3rd floor walkup.

-But.  It was completely Northern exposure, and both the bedroom and living room were on the road – far from ideal.*  Probably a 8-10 minute walk from the metro Republique.  Kitchen needed to be redone.  Water leaks in the building and a crazy neighbor next door.  And the real dealbreaker – 8500/m2.  It was in our budget but I was skittish of paying so much over the “averages” (even though the averages mean nothing) for this particular apartment with all of its defauts.  So we made an offer slightly lower, in the 8200/m2 range.  In this market, making an offer lower than asking price is tantamount to passing, and it sold for full asking price four days later.

I can’t be bummed because I didn’t see it in person so I don’t really know what we missed out on – who knows maybe I would have walked in and loved it – and for my companion it was no coup de coeur either.  Oh and because we’ve been asking about rental values: the realtor estimated 1k for unfurnished rental.  Don’t think it would work as a seasonal rental because there is no elevator, and it is not centrally located nor near any major monuments or museums (even though the neigborhood is great and would appeal to bobos).  Next.

*The ideal layout is traversant with living room on the road and bedroom on the inner courtyard.  Bedroom on the road isn’t itself a dealbreaker because we try to take everything into consideration – the Mouton Duvernet apartment was a 5th floor walkup with bedroom on road but it was full Southern exposure with a gorgeous balcony!


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4 Responses to “Jacques Bonsergent”

  1. MaryPius Says:

    Sorry to hear your bid was not successful, but you really know what you want by now and are prepared to walk away if it’s not right, which is good. How do you find out about things like crazy neighbour and leaks in the building, does the realtor actually tell you this stuff?

  2. househuntinginparis Says:

    Apparently the neighbor was hanging around the building when the realtor was showing it, so my companion got to interact with the neighbor upon both entering and leaving the building. It was the neighbor who pointed out leaks in the staircase and might have even showed them leaks in the apartment (next door to the one for sale). We didn’t bother to verify the extent of leaks with the minutes of the syndic or the neighbor’s motives for dissuading potential buyers because potential crazy neighbor drama is one red flag enough. In our current building there are recurring problems with fuits d’eau and the mauvaise foi of certain neighbors, so we are unfortunately all too familiar with this sort of drama.

  3. MaryPius Says:

    Yes I have also heard stories of these kinds of neighbour dramas, definitely a red flag issue!

  4. Adam Says:

    Sounds like a very helpful neighbour, not a crazy one!

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