Pick of the day – Commerce

Rue de Commerce in the 15th has become one of my favorite neighborhoods just through the apartment visits.  I had never been there prior to the search, but my companion was very enthusiastic about it and now I am on board as well – there are 3 lines of metro, and the area has tons of shops and restaurants and is very vivante.  So when I received this ad last night I starred it to call immediately in the morning.

And call I did, only to hear that all too familiar refrain “deja vendu.”  Another thing notable about the listing is the agency is located in the suburbs – I’ve noticed going through non-local agencies unfamiliar with the market is one way to get low-ish prices.



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3 Responses to “Pick of the day – Commerce”

  1. ksam Says:

    Argh, how frustrating. And it had a bathtub AND a cave!!

  2. Struggler Says:

    I’m beginning to think Paris is another planet as far as real estate transactions are concerned. So sorry you missed another goodie!

  3. Adam Says:

    Neuilly is not a typical suburb! They might find prices in Paris to be very low!

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