Pick of the day: Republique

Here’s an example of something I would have been ready to make an offer on sight unseen:Great location smack dab at Republique (one of those rare occasions where the listing location is accurate – this was near the Club Med on Rue du Faubourg du Temple).  US 6th floor with elevator and balcony, original chimney and decorative molding, cellar.  Would need to be completely renovated but for us that is actually a plus.  But of course, it was listed last night and sold this morning on the first visit, so by the time I received the email alert it was already too late.

Unfortunately I think this week will be pretty dead – Thursday is a holiday and so on Friday many will faire le pont as well.  Still stupidly optimistic here, though, fingers crossed as always!


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3 Responses to “Pick of the day: Republique”

  1. Struggler Says:

    I just had to look up faire le pont since I was familiar with the components but not the meaning 🙂
    Sorry to hear things still sound red-hot for house sales in Paris.

  2. MaryPius Says:

    …and sometimes if a public holiday falls on a Wednesday, you can “faire l’aqueduc” 😉
    Incredible to see an apartment that needs complete renovation sell so fast, how do the buyers get to hear about the apartment for sale so quickly?

  3. househuntinginparis Says:

    Yep since Thursday is a holiday many people will be taking off Friday as well to have a 4-day weekend. But I had never heard of faire l’aqueduc!
    The buyers were probably called as soon as the realtor got the listing – maybe people who had dropped in or had visited other apartments with the realtor. In this case, the agency was in the 17th, so I doubt I would have ever dropped into the agency anyways. Lately I’ve been missing out on the “good” apartments on seloger because of the lag time in the email alerts. As soon as the weather improves (is it really MAY?!) I’ll get back out there to revisit agencies so I can be on the shortlist next time!

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