Pick of the day: Pigalle

Look at this beautiful building.

The interior doesn’t look too shabby either – original wood floors, decorative molding, and chimney.  Were it not for the location, I would be on the phone scheduling a visit right now.

Check out the entire listing here while it’s still up.


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2 Responses to “Pick of the day: Pigalle”

  1. Tut Says:

    Question: Is the price so reasonable because there isn’t an elevator and it’s on the 4th (5th American) floor? Is it unusual for such a large building not to have an elevator? And what’s the deal with the kitchen? The blurb mentions une cuisine séparée, but the Récapitulatif says Type de cuisine: aucune

  2. househuntinginparis Says:

    You raise some good questions that I would have asked the realtor had I been interested. Seloger listings are far from accurate/complete and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was actually an elevator given the building appears to be one of “grand standing.” Usually these types of buildings have elevators and concierges (though apparently only 20-30% of old buildings in Paris have them). Same goes for the kitchen – the only qualifications you might see are américaine (open kitchen) or séparée. Finally, the price (around 7500/m2) seems reasonable for the building according to the meilleursagents webpage (http://www.meilleursagents.com/prix-immobilier/m2/rue-condorcet-2271/51-bis/). In this market anyways there is no price negotiation unless you are a cash buyer without clause suspensive. One last possible negative to take into account: if it doesn’t look on the courtyard only, then any rooms facing the road are full Northern exposure.
    The building itself really why it’s my pick of the day, I have very rarely come across such gorgeous buildings in the search.

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