Somehow this post never got published.  A while back we were the first people to visit this apartment at Bastille:

And boy oh boy was this an interesting experience.  The ad says it is 5th US floor with elevator.  But actually it’s a bit more complicated than that – the owner didn’t want to contribute when the elevator was installed in the building, so to use the elevator you have to use a badge.* And if we wanted to buy into the elevator, we would have to pay the part originally due by the owner, somewhere in the ballpark of Twenty Thousand Euros.  But the realtor wasn’t sure because apparently there is bad blood on the homeowner’s association and they haven’t responded to any of his requests for more information or a direct quote.  Plus the apartment is currently occupied by someone who has a year or so remaining on the lease (and this is a delicate area of law, very pro-tenant, and having a sitting tenant would disqualify us from the Pret a Taux Zero), plus the electricity needs to be redone, plus there is a sanibroyeur** that needs to be replaced, plus there is no concierge nor cave.  And the kitchen and the bathroom would have to be redone/”updated”.

On the upside the apartment is conveniently located in the 4th just steps away from the Bastille metro,***  while looking out on a small one-lane road with no noise or traffic.  And the realtor was awesome and talked about lowering the price, but we don’t love the apartment enough to deal with the accompanying hornet’s nest.  As much fun as it would be to navigate the homeowner’s association from hell, evict a tenant, and deal with the upgrades, we’ll pass.

It also seems like it only makes sense to buy an apartment that is NICKEL or needs to be completely gutted – because the discount for other “minor” headaches like redoing a bathroom or electricity is minimal to non-existent.


Update: The apartment sold for 310k, which was 20k below asking (but the asking price was calculated before the realtor was aware of the elevator issues and under the mistaken assumption that the apartment was 45 m2 when it was actually around 35 m2).  We both think that is ridiculously high *for this apartment in light of its many problems.*

*Who are these people?  What are you supposed to do when you have guests? 

**macerator?  Because there is no direct sewer line to the apartment.  Awesome.

***the same building as the famous Dalloyau bakery!  Which actually is awesome!


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