My latest dream address

Behold, 82 rue Notre Dame des Champs.

The first time I walked by this building I stopped dead in my tracks.The details KILL me.

Cherubs above the door - it must be heavenly to live there!

Impressive wrought iron door (and an even more impressive lobby I imagine)

Constant Lemaire, Architecte 1904-1905

A building like this is most certainly one of grand standing and I guarantee there is an elevator and concierge.

The building alone isn’t what makes this a dream address; the location also helps.My personal preference for the Montparnasse neighborhood aside, the building is just a few blocks away from the Jardin du Luxembourg.  More importantly, the building faces the direction of the park, and I bet the fifth-floor apartment (which is on an angle so gets both eastern and western exposure!) has a gorgeous view.  Plus look at all the light it gets – that top photo was taken around 8 or 9 pm!

A stunning building in a great location in one of the most expensive districts in Paris doesn’t come cheap.  According to apartments in the building range from 8k-15k/m2.

Well, a girl can dream.  In the meantime I’ll be the one drooling as I pass in front of it on my way to the park.


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One Response to “My latest dream address”

  1. Kedge Says:

    82 Notre Dame des Champs is also a Groupama property!

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