Etienne Marcel (again) (yes really. ugh.)

I just recently got into Dexter, and so now whenever I’m on my way to an apartment visit I can’t help wondering if this one will be the one, if tonight’s the night!

Spoiler alert: far too often, it’s not.

I was called during the week about a third-floor walk up, 30 sq meter, one-bedroom apartment at Etienne Marcel, a few buildings down from that plywood one awhile back.  I knew going in that we would probably pass because of the size, but I wanted to go just to meet the realtor and hopefully make a good impression and get his thoughts on our search.  He was a nice guy and I was happy that he called me even though I had never met him; apparently I had left my contact info with him months ago when I called about a listing.

However, my pre-visit hunch was correct.  Rue Saint-Sauveur, I can deal with; 30 square meters, I can’t.  The bedroom was barely 80 square feet!  I’m not even sure you could get an adult-sized bed in there!  There were other minor things – the proximity to Rue Saint-Denis, the Northern exposure, the bathroom with sanibroyeur (macerator) and no ventilation system or window (hello, mildew!), but ultimately we would rather spend more money to have enough space for a proper queen bed.  Totally insane, right?  That’s what you might think from the reaction of some realtors.

Later that day I got a call for a US 6th floor.  With elevator.  And balcon filant – a wraparound balcony.  At Bastille.  DYING – this is my WISHLIST come to life!  But at only 27 m2, there was no way and I finally mustered up the willpower to refuse what would be a futile visit.  If I could have that but around 35 – 40 m2, I would make the offer sight unseen.  Are you listening, universe?  If so, that, plus in Montparnasse.  Pretty please.


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