Second pick of the day: the thinking man or woman’s apartment

God love the French.

Rue de Saintonge Au dernier étage d’un immeuble du XVII siècle ou vécu Blaise Pascal

Yes, the first sentence of the listing points out that Blaise Pascal, the 17th century mathematician and philosopher, lived in the building.  To me that’s something quirky to note but it wouldn’t be a major selling point and wouldn’t be the highlight of the pitch were I the realtor.  But clearly I’m not French.

The location is great and the price seems right.  If living in the same building as Pascal did appeals to you, click on through for the details.

Relatedly, the Rue du Pont Neuf apartment we tried to buy a few months back was in the same building where Molière was born.  But the non-local agency never mentioned it to us – we only found out when we passed in front of it and saw the bust of Molière on the building!


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