Holy moly

Just got a phone call for an apartment at Stalingrad that is 9100 EUROS the square meter.

When I heard the price the first time, I had to ask the realtor to repeat it because I thought I misunderstood.

Why am I freaking out about this?  Well, it’s an utterly unexceptional fifth-floor walkup overlooking the courtyard in an “emerging” neighborhood that averages 6000€/m2.

We are not looking in this neighborhood and the apartment would be too small for us anyways, but what worries me is the slim possibility that the real estate agent is not actually crazy to be asking so much.

If this is a preview of what’s to come with la rentrée in September, we’re screwed.

Bottoms up!


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One Response to “Holy moly”

  1. Milla Says:

    Utter madness! I don’t like that area at all, and am absolutely baffled as to how they can charge such an amount.

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