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September update – there is nothing to update

September 20, 2010

A few phone calls, a few ads that have interested me, but no visits since the last time I posted.  I’m feeling very “over it” and sometimes a few days will pass before I check the throwaway email account for all my explorimmo, seloger, pap, etc alerts.  And even if I do see something that kinda piques my interest, most of the time I can’t even be bothered to call.  The longer we wait, the pickier I get, and now I am deadset on remaining within a few blocks’ radius of our current place.  Yes, I am in serious need of motivation.

The only two notable tidbits I must share are about two apartments from the past.

The first is that Rue du Pont Neuf apartment that we attempted to buy, a few months ago, for either €220k or €250k, I honestly can’t remember.

Surprise, surprise, it’s back on the market with a brand spankin new price.

This really upsets me because it means the agency we dealt with was not at all forthcoming with us – we made our offer at full asking price and normally that’s the end of the story, the apartment should have been sold to us.  And now it reappears a few months later, with the exact same agency, and in the exact same condition, but with a new much higher pricetag?

Something’s rotten here.  I’ve been bugging my darling to call the agency for an explanation since he’s the one who dealt with them, not me.  Don’t hold your breath.

Similarly, this one-bedroom in the 5th was also relisted for a much higher price.

I think this one was initially listed at €260k or €280k, but we didn’t even go to visit it because it is a 3rd floor over a bar and a very loud boulevard.  When I saw that it was relisted for at least €55k higher, I had to call and ask why.  Apparently the owner paid for the roof to be redone and also did some interior work on the stairs.  Whether or not this deserves a €55k price increase remains to be seen, but at least there is a (somewhat) reasonable explanation for the jump.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the return of the fresh market, the vide-greniers that accompany the rentrée, and these sunshiny days of early fall.  Apartment hunting, and thus this blog, have completely fallen by the wayside and my lack of updating has everything to do with that reality.  Hopefully next time I update it will be something actually exciting to share, or at the very least an actual apartment visit!


Pont Neuf, Ecole Militaire, Oberkampf

June 1, 2010

Last week was quite a whirlwind.  By noon on Monday we had two offers pending, one of which had been faxed over sight unseen, and on Tuesday we made a third one.  About that time I posted this to my tumblr:

3 options currently on the table:

-super central location at a killer price (like, bargain of the century yo, because the seller is rushed), but 6th floor walkup without a view (M: Louvre-Rivoli)

-posh neighborhood with a nice view of a church and concierge, but smaller than the other two and 5th floor walkup (M: Ecole Militaire)

-young/trendy neighborhood with balcony (but not a great view or anything, just a 3rd floor walkup overlooking a normal street).  The only “but” is the neighborhood, which is young and trendy and fine but would not be as good as an investment as the other two (in terms of resale and rental value). (M: Oberkampf)

So let me backup and explain.

Offer #1, Pont neuf:  Sight unseen.  On Saturday night I got a seloger alert for a 5th floor walkup on Rue du Pont Neuf (I die, I die, I die) that needed to be gutted.  Nothing exceptional…until I notice that it is listed with a non-Parisian agency at about half the market average for that street.*  I call my companion, who is out of the country, and ask him to fax an offer immediately.  Even though we are not looking for a 5th floor walkup overlooking a courtyard, we would be fools to pass up such an opportunity.  When my companion gets back in town Monday morning he calls the agency and asks if they received his offer and how to proceed.  “Which offer?” the agent asks.  Over the weekend they received over twenty offers at full asking price, also sight unseen! Wow.  The agency says they won’t accept any offers without a visit, and that there is an open house on Thursday.  We are tentatively hopeful, because we know that we have no chance against a cash buyer.  On Tuesday we call with some more questions only to be told that the apartment has already sold.  “What?!” my companion asks in surprise.  “The owner already sold it on her own,” claims the agency.  As is often the case, the transaction is shrouded in mystery and we are left with the impression that we’ve been scammed.

Offer #2, Oberkampf:  I was the fifth person to visit this third-floor walkup with balcony.  The building was in great condition: beautiful stone building that had just been redone, cellars that had just been redone, an interior staircase that had been voted on.  The apartment interior was also great – the seperate bathroom/WCs had been redone recently and the seperate kitchen was completely equipped.  The current owner had turned the one-bedroom into a studio, tearing down the wall between the living room and the bedroom, so we would need to put it back in (and possibly tear down the existing closet in the living room and add closets to what would become the bedroom).  No biggie, though, and I quickly made my offer at full asking price.  The agent says she’ll call back by Wednesday, but she doesn’t.  I am out of the country and my companion is not able to get in touch with her until TUESDAY of the next week, when she informs us that the sitting tenant has also made an offer and thus has priority over us.  Eff me gently with a chainsaw.

The apartment is the windows with the balcony and the one window to the left of the balcony.

Offer #3, Ecole Militaire: This was a by-owner listing on PAP, and though it was tiny, and nearly 12k/m2, we were really excited about the view.  There was only one photo in the listing, of the view to the east:

Eglise Saint-Pierre du Gros Caillou

But it was the Western view that took my breath away:

Dying. No caption needed =)

The apartment was tiny, and now that I’ve had time to think about it, not really functional.  Even though it was just redone – new floors, windows, heating, kitchen, and bathroom – there were no closets.  Not a single shelf!  And I don’t know where you would put a fridge, oven, or washing machine.  Still, we made an offer at full asking price on the spot.  But as usual, the owner was looking for a cash buyer, and we were informed a few days later that he was only considering the offers that did not have a clause suspensive.  Yes, an apartment with no closets had received multiple offers without clause suspensive.

At the beginning of the week, I was so optimistic – three offers by Tuesday, can you imagine?  But the reality of the Paris market is that an offer means nothing, and a week later here we sit with our hands empty.  So sick of this ish!

*I’ve posted here before about the crazy deals I have seen listed with non-local agencies who are too lazy or don’t care enough to figure out the actual market price of the apartments they’re listing.  When I see a non-local number now my ears perk up and I play a little closer attention to the ad.